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costa edutainment

costa edutainment


Exit of VEI Capital and entry of the Oaktree fund.


The Investment Fund VEI CAPITAL participates in the capital of Costa Edutainment (with share equal to 16%).


Merger of Costa Edutainment with Costa Parchi, Costa Edutainment becomes part of Italian Entertainment Network (IEN), a new international operator leader on the creation, design and production of great shows, conventions, Olympic ceremonies and in advertising production and digital communication.


With the acquisition of the management of Italia in Miniatura the offer of Costa Parchi is enhanced.


Costa Parchi was born: with the acquisition of Aquafan and Oltremare in Riccione and the integration with Acquario di Cattolica an edutainment pole is realized also in the Romagna coast.


Costa Edutainment transfers to Civita Cultura 50% of its participating share in Incoming Liguria.
C-Way was born as operator specialized in tourism proposals with high art and cultural contents.


Costa Edutainment looks abroad and acquires Mediterraneo Marine Park of Malta.


Costa Edutainment extends further with Acquario di Livorno and the delivery of the Nazario Sauro submarine to Galata Museo del Mare. This year it also extends to the Adriatic area by acquiring Parco Navi, company that holds Acquario di Cattolica.


The management of Biosfera is awarded to Costa Edutainment.


Entrance in Civita Servizi (today Civita Cultura), company characterized by the offer of integrated services in the cultural heritage sector.


Costa Edutainment is enriched by La Città dei Bambini e dei Ragazzi (modelled on the Cité des Enfants of Paris) managed until 2014 and Galata Museo del Mare (from 2004).
After these acquisitions “AcquarioVillage” takes shape in Porto Antico of Genoa.


Costa Edutainment establishes along with the Municipality of Rome the company Bioparco Spa, today Fondazione Bioparco di Roma.

Extension of Acquario di Genova with the opening of Nave Italia. The company Zetema was established for the management of museum services.


Some members of the Costa families incorporate Costa Edutainment (initially Costa Aquarium) for the management of Acquario di Genova and Bigo.

Incoming Liguria is established as tour operator supporting the activity of tourist accommodation.

the origins

le origini


Carnival and AirTours replace the Costa family in the control of Costa Crociere.


Costa Aquarium was born for the management of Acquario di Genova and Bigo.


Costa Crociere establishes a temporary business enterprise with Polo Tecnologico Marino Marittimo, Soprogest and Orion, for the management of Acquario di Genova.


Costa Crociere is admitted to the Stock Exchange listing.


Costa Crociere SpA was born with the assignment of the cruise activity and participation in the share capital of thirdparty investors.
This year the partnership turned into a public limited company.


The motor vessel “Franca C” is turned into cruise ship: the roots of the cruise activity are laid.
In the ‘70s and ‘80s the Costa cruises were among the first ranks in the world.


The motor vessel “Anna C” departs from Genoa to South America, the first ocean liner in history to cross the southern Atlantic Ocean from the end of the conflict: the “C line” had created the first cruise.


The business activity has diversified in the shipping (cargo ships), textile and property development sectors.


Incorporation of the partnership “Giacomo Costa fu Andrea”; the Costa Family has maintained this legal form for all its activities until 1986.


Beginning of the activity of the Costa Family in trade of olive oil in particular in the markets of North and South America with the trademark “Dante”; in early ‘900 it was the most important operator in the world in trade of olive oil.