integrated report

Costa Edutainment has developed its entrepreneurial action over time by implementing company policies strongly centered on creating value not only for the company but also for society.

In order to make this choice transparent and shared, a new corporate reporting process has recently been adopted, capable of demonstrating the link between strategy, financial performance and the social, environmental and economic context in which the company operates.

In fact, the integrated reporting process aims to “measure” and report the overall value created for all stakeholders, through a system of objectives and related indicators aimed at the development of different types of capital: financial, human, relational and social, productive, organizational, natural.

The final product is an Integrated Report, which accompanies (completing them) the traditional corporate reporting tools, which today are less and less able to illustrate the overall value created by the company to all its various interlocutors.

Costa Edutainment’s innovative choice is in line with the subject of the very recent Directive: “Disclosure of non-financial and diversity information” ratified on 29 September 2014 by the European Council, following approval by the European Parliament in April 2014.

The legislation – which has already entered into force for public administrations and large companies – asks the company to inform all stakeholders not only of the economic balance, but also of the complex system of “intangibles” which, in the case of Costa Edutainment in particular, represents an essential point strongly linked to its own mission.

This process allows the company to expand its ability to communicate the overall value created by integrating financial performance with environmental, social and governance performance within a single annual document: the Integrated Report.