Acquario di Cattolica

Acquario di Cattolica is located into buildings dating back to the ‘30s whose shapes recall a marine fleet, designed by the architect Clemente Busiri Vici. In the beginning the facility had been conceived as a marine colony to host the children of Italians living abroad. The careful conservative restoration, ended in June 2000, under the protection of the Italian Superintendence of the Environmental and Architectural Heritage, has upgraded the buildings and appraised the whole area, rich in history and maritime traditions.

The Aquarium, the biggest in the Adriatic Sea, extends over an area of 110.000 square metres, overlooking the see, perfectly integrated in the urban tissue of Cattolica and has large green spaces available, which can be used freely as a public park (more than 49.000 square metres).
It hosts almost 3.000 specimens of 400 different species, in more than 100 exhibition tanks.